A Surprising Tax Preference for Beverage Alcohol

I have the habit of thinking alcohol for the tax system is like low hanging fruit – easy to find and measure, and popular to tax.  Two arguments for taxing alcohol don’t exist for most commodities:  that alcohol consumption damages innocent parties and creates a price for society to pay, and more controversial, that we need to protect people from themselves and their longings.

But the Economist of November 24 page 72 says Korea goes in a quite different direction.

Punitive tariffs prevent brewing experimentation. The Korean taxman treats malt, hops and yeast as beer ingredients, which are subject to low import duties. Continue reading A Surprising Tax Preference for Beverage Alcohol


280E Tax Ignored in Federal Marijuana Bill

So several Members of the House introduced a bill, reproduced below, to keep the Federal Government out of states that have legalized marijuana.  They neglected to fix a huge tax problem for any state-legal marijuana business, Code section 280E, described by a source in the medical marijuana business this way:  “#1. The federal tax situation is the biggest threat to MMJ businesses and could push the entire industry underground.”  http://mmjbusinessdaily.com/marijuana-business-conference-wrapup-36-tips-lessons-take-aways-for-the-cannabis-industry/

Maybe the sponsors didn’t want the bill referred to the Committee Ways and Means.  Not that Continue reading 280E Tax Ignored in Federal Marijuana Bill