Uruguay marihuana regs — text

In Spanish.  Original is here:  http://medios.presidencia.gub.uy/jm_portal/2014/noticias/NO_M871/reglamentacion-ley19172.pdf.   And a formatted version is at reglamentacion-ley19172.  Date of 2 mayo in Article 103 convinces me this is the document.

Suitable for searching if you don’t want to read carefully:

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Why tax is not like criminal law

Punishment for drug crimes should not be based on the weight of the drugs; instead, punishment should be based on the profits that criminals get, says Mark Osler.  Kingpins should get greater sentences than mules.  The problem is that prosecutors can’t readily “prove the amount of profit made by an individual defendant.  It wouldn’t be as easy as snatching up mules and street dealers.  But then ‘easy’ and ‘justice’ rarely rest comfortably with each other.”

A criminal case takes days if not weeks of person-time to handle.  So long as a drug is illegal, some extra time to figure out the place of the accused in the supply chain would indeed be useful -– so as to punish kingpins more than mules.  Figuring out the amount of profit, though, would prove hard if not impossible.  Apple, GE, and Starbucks shift profits from the United States to tax havens with impunity –- and they have to keep books to report to shareholders.

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Bud-Trim Line

“It would be impractical to try to establish legally enforceable standards of how well trimmed a bud can be before it is no longer legally a bud.” That’s from After Legalization, by Jon Walker of Firedog Lake. Phil Smith calls the book “in-depth, thoughtful, and insightful.”

Here are the stakes: In states that draw a tax line around “buds” or “flowers,” the taxpayer wants to categorize plant matter as lightly taxed “trim” rather than heavily taxed bud. That lightly taxed trim can then go into concentrates, Continue reading Bud-Trim Line