Sharing Mj wealth for Vermont

Beyond Democratic Socialism in the form of government ownership, voucher privatization, discussed here, where every voter gets a transferable quota, representing a fraction of the total amount of cannabis to be grown that year, looks a lot like the way Alaska shares oil wealth.


As Vermont considers marijuana reform, here is an article published by VTDigger, a project of The Vermont Journalism Trust, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.


Editor’s note: This commentary is by Pat Oglesby of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who is the director of the nonprofit Center for New Revenue, a former chief tax counsel of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and an independent co-author of the RAND marijuana report for Vermont. The views presented here are only his own.

Passing a law that shares wealth may be controversial. But what if the wealth doesn’t exist unless the law is passed?

Think of the wealth a government creates when it legalizes a drug. There’s legal commerce, and legal wealth, that didn’t exist before. In a pure free marijuana market, all that previously illegal wealth would go to capitalistic businesses. In a pure state monopoly, from seed to store, it would all go to the people – or, at least to their representatives.

Between the extremes, there’s a hybrid: Continue reading Sharing Mj wealth for Vermont

CO v. WA Opinions

Follow Colorado not Washington

Tax by weight

Allow local option for taxes


Follow Washington not Colorado

Apply excise taxes equally to all cannabis, medical or not

Wait on home grows


Wanting collectable taxes, and trying to avoid traps and learn from experience.