Critique of Blumenauer-Wyden marijuana tax proposals

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Congressional advocates for marijuana legalization, led by Oregon’s Congressman Blumenauer and Senator Wyden, introduced three bills to advance the process. (Dividing the package allows Committees to consider parts simultaneously, rather than one after the other. That may be wishful thinking.)

Here’s an off-the-cuff preliminary reaction to the tax parts of the package.  I’ll work to refine the analysis.

For tax, the package has strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading “Critique of Blumenauer-Wyden marijuana tax proposals”


NC HB2: What Would The Founders Do?

What’s the solution to NC’s broken bathroom law? Just look to the Founders.  1200 words here. Summary below.

I.  Substance – way forward is clear:

For bathrooms, repeal birth certificate rule – HB2 is indefensibly wrong on Texas wrestler; replace with old law – Jim Martin.

For everything else, local option.

II.  Procedure is hang-up – Rs want to limit city power on local option Continue reading “NC HB2: What Would The Founders Do?”