Fear Not Fund — Food for Families

To provide food to individuals to interrupt the school to prison pipeline  is the current focus of the donor-advised Fear Not Fund of the North Carolina Triangle Community Foundation.  Believing that reparations to the families of ancestors held in bondage are in one way warranted but in another way impossible to mete out fairly, the Fund intends that its charitable donations benefit African-Americans — an evolving proxy for those reparations.   Starting with families with the littlest children.

The Fund is seeking suggestions for projects.  Enthusiasm for rewarding students is tempered by Alfie Kohn’s Punished by Rewards, and by Daniel Pink’s Drive, which echoes Kohn, but which approves of post facto “Now-That” awards.  Enthusiasm for parental involvement* is tempered by Angel Harris’s Broken Compass.

So far:

An early $250 pilot project funded a barbecue dinner for English-speaking parents at Eno Valley Elementary in Durham in connection with a government-funded $10,000 “Incredible Years” parenting project with Communities in Schools in Durham. http://www.incredibleyears.com/programs/parent/http://www.cisdurham.org.  The Fund will provide a picnic lunch on the second Saturday in August 2018 to graduates of that program to hear their suggestions for follow-on projects.

The Fund also has begun, in a small way, supplying food to the East Durham Children’s Initiative, http://edci.org/en, for its summer lunches, free and open to all, at the Maureen Joy School.

  • The term “parental involvement” is out.  More modern is “school, family, and community partnerships.”  http://nnps.jhucsos.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Literature-Review-Epstein-and-Sheldon-06.pdf



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