About the Center for New Revenue

The Center for New Revenue is an incorporated tax policy nonprofit.  The Founding CEO is Pat Oglesby; The Center’s informal Board of Advisors, who do not necessarily agree with (or even keep up with) activities of the Center, consists of:
Professor Douglas A. Berman of Columbus, Ohio
Dr. Paul Gallis of Savannah, Georgia
Dr. Dale Gieringer  of Oakland, California
Professor Sam Kamin of Denver, Colorado
LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson of Washington, D.C.
Joseph Murphy, of Boone, North Carolina
Emily Oglesby, of Carrboro, North Carolina
Mary Norris Oglesby, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Robert Schofield, of Georgetown, South Carolina
Albert Varner, M.D., of San Rafael, California.

The mission of the Center for New Revenue is to look at sources for new and simple revenue — asking the question, What else can we sensibly tax?

Citing opposition to tax breaks, the Center has not applied for tax-exempt charity status under Code section 501(c).

919 619 8838

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