The Center for New Revenue is on hiatus as its founder turns to agitating for compromise on HB2, North Carolina’s “bathroom bill.”

When active, the Center aims to work on funding government, to promote our common endeavor.  It is a North Carolina not-for-profit taxable corporation (as explained below), founded in 2011.

The Center  looks at sources for new and more sensible revenue.  For now, the main outlet for this work is http://newrevenue.org.  Conferences are a possibility for the future.  Here are the three main areas of interest.

1.  International taxation.  This focus may be quixotic, because big capital has the votes.  An ongoing cause is opposition to a Tax Repatriation Holiday for income of U.S. multinationals artificially shifted offshore and trapped there.

2.  Revenue from intoxicants.  Taxation of marijuana has been kept in the closet, as the  folks thinking about it the most are taxpayers — ganjapreneurs, cannabisnessmen — folks who seek to profit from legal marijuana sales.  Naturally enough.  Current topics of interest include (1) a potency base for marijuana taxation, (2) the monopoly alternative to the taxation for marijuana, and (3) the denial of the advertising deduction under Internal Revenue Code section 280E and its state analogues.  Marijuana taxes are more challenging for tax design than alcohol taxes, where reform at the federal level would consist of raising the rates and indexing them.

3.  Taxation of carbon and pollutants.  A jet fuel tax is at the top of the list here, since it’s hardly regressive.

The Center’s founder, Pat Oglesby, worked for the Joint Congressional Committee on Taxation from 1982 to 1988, first as a Legislation Attorney and then as the Foreign Tax Counsel; he then, thanks to Senator Lloyd Bentsen, held the position of Chief Tax Counsel of the Committee on Finance of the United States Senate for two years.  More history on the Pat Oglesby page of this website.

The Center’s informal Board of Advisors consists of old friends and family of the founder:
Paul Gallis, Ph.D., of Savannah, Georgia;
LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, of Washington, D.C., and Laurens, South Carolina, a retired tax policy expert;
Joseph Murphy, of Boone, North Carolina;
Emily Oglesby, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina;
Mary Norris Oglesby, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina;
Robert Schofield, of Georgetown, South Carolina; and
Albert Varner, M.D., of San Rafael, CA.
Advisors do not necessarily agree with (or even keep up with) views expressed on this blog, or by the Center or the founder in any manner.

The Center is a nonprofit corporation under North Carolina law, but seeks no donations, so there is no plan to qualify as a tax-exempt entity under section 501(c) of the Code.

All material produced only for this website is in the public domain.  Please feel free to copy it, with attribution.  This web site won’t outlive me, and I turned 69 in 2016, so if there’s anything you think worth preserving, preserve away.

Contact information:

Pat Oglesby
Attorney and Founderproud MemberThe Center for New Revenue

1830 North Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514-6733 USA

919 619 8838

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