Gruesome tax

The Raleigh paper published the letter below (they like short ones).   I titled it “Terrifying Tax Tactics,” but that may have been too much to print in one column.
Not-so-scary tax

North Carolina’s inheritance tax applies only to folks who meet their Maker while worth over $5 million. Just in time for Halloween, the tax-exempt Civitas Institute said it’s a gruesome tax that turns Revenue Department officials into grave robbers (Oct. 30 Under the Dome).   That kind of rhetoric aims to frighten us and stop us from thinking. Boo!

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Meanwhile, the group’s poll shows NC voters favor some kind of wealth distribution:

Do you think our government should or should not redistribute wealth by increasing taxes on wealthy earners?
Should 52%
Should not 40%
Don’t know/refused 9%

But 66 percent oppose the inheritance tax:

“When a North Carolina resident dies, the state government levies a tax of up to 16% on assets above $5 million which includes businesses, homes, farm animals(!), bank accounts and everything else the deceased owned. The tax is levied in addition to the Federal estate tax of 35%. Please tell me if you support or oppose this practice?”

Total Support – 25%

Total Oppose – 66%

Strongly Support – 12%

Somewhat Support – 13%

Somewhat Oppose – 15%

Strongly Oppose – 51%

Don’t Know/No Opinion – 7%

Refused – 2%


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