Tax Havens: Christians Sound the Alarm

A U.K. based religious organization is weighing in on the problem of multinational corporations avoiding hundreds of billions in tax by shifting income to affiliates who don’t pay taxes.  Bravo.   Make that “Amen.”  As the French would say, “Qu’on se le dise” — Let us tell ourselves:  Spread the word.  The international tax systems is broken beyond repair, if only because very few citizens understand it.  As Bob Dole once said, “Where’s the outrage?”  Well, maybe the outrage is on its way.


Author: patoglesby

From 1982 to 1990, I worked in tax policy for Committees of the United States Congress. In recent years, I was Adjunct Lecturer at UNC-Chapel Hill's Business School and then Adjunct Professor at its Law School.

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