Bifurcating the tax base for marijuana: Weight and potency

I’m getting closer to concluding that smokable marijuana should be taxed by weight, and edibles by potency of the processed material in them.  Asking around, I got this confirmation from someone who knows lots more than I do:

1.  Is it true that wax or BHO is fungible enough to tax by potency?  That is, will every sample test out the same for THC?
A:  Yes, it is fungible enough.  Although genetics vary in potency.
2.  Of all edibles produced, how much uses cannabis (1) in liquid or wax form as opposed to (2) granulated or ground solids?
A: Not sure if anyone knows.  But edibles that are best when made with extracted forms of THC.  If someone is putting in plant matter in their product, they won’t last long.

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