Riverboat Gamble: Correcting the News and Observer

Our local paper’s political columnist Rob Christensen writes this:  “Trickle-down economics.  Yes, the same warmed-over philosophy that the elder George Bush once called ‘voodoo economics’ and Sen. Bob Dole called ‘a riverboat gamble.’”

But Howard Baker, not Bob Dole, called it a riverboat gamble.  Sources are here and hereBob Dole was co-chair of Joint Tax Committee when I worked there – “riverboat gamble” is not his phrase, and not his style.

I wrote Rob to see if he will correct this.   UPDATE:  The N&O corrected the error.  See here:  https://newrevenue.org/2013/08/06/raleigh-news-observer-corrects-error-online/.


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