Panel on Marijuana Regulation in Denver

BXXL8ibCYAA6LWq - Version 2Left to right:  Jorge Hernandez Tinajero, President, Collective for an Integral Drug Policy, Mexico City, Mexico; Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst, Transform, Bristol, England;  Beau Kilmer, Co-Director of RAND Drug Policy Research Center, Santa Monica, CA; me; Congressman Julio Bango, Represente National at Parlamento Uruguayo, Montevideo, Uruguay; Sam Kamin, Director, Constitutional Rights & Remedies Program and Professor, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, Denver, CO;  Dick Reinking, Senior Policy Advisor, Gemeente Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Not pictured:  Moderator Graham Boyd, Counsel to Peter Lewis, Santa Cruz, CA.

This session took place Thursday, October 24, in Denver, at the biennial conference of the Drug Policy Alliance.  I indicated that I thought taxes in CO and WA were maybe unavoidably wrong by having static rates, probably wrong by using a percentage of price base, and nearly certainly wrong to the extent they collected tax later than the choke point (punto de embudo — we had simultaneous interpretation).  I learned a lot from the rest of the panel — different from my days with Congress, when most panels consisted of all tax lawyers, and the occasional relief came from a tax accountant or tax economist.


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