Raleigh News and Observer columnist says tax marijuana

Marc Landry sets forth standard arguments for taxation and regulation (and against Prohibition).  North Carolina will not be the first by whom the new is tried.  Nor yet the last to cast the old aside?


Author: patoglesby

From 1982 to 1990, I worked in tax policy for Committees of the United States Congress. In recent years, I was Adjunct Lecturer at UNC-Chapel Hill's Business School and then Adjunct Professor at its Law School.

One thought on “Raleigh News and Observer columnist says tax marijuana”

  1. for 1, going at it the wrong way. who is of age,18-21 u decide ! but can buy a growing permit 4 use and transport of Marijuana , like a fishing license $500.00 for 5 years. after that u can tax who buys not sells, the ones who sell and have no license would b finned 1000 no jail no time ! wake up Government needs 2 stop the crime against the American People, or soon this Great Nation will FALL !!!!! Fail !!!!

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