Colorado converts percentage tax base to weight!

Unable to figure out a transfer price for a Constitutionally permitted 15 percent wholesale tax  when vertical integration forbids the existence of a wholesaler, Colorado has substituted a weight based tax.  Wow.

The excise tax is calculated by multiplying the quantity of retail marijuana product by the average market rate at the time, then multiplying by the 15% (excise tax rate). For example: ABC cultivator transfers 3 pounds of flower, 5 pounds of trim and 8 plants to ABC store. At the time of transfer the average market rates are:

$1,876 for Flower

$296 for Trim

$9 per Immature plant

3 lbs. of flower  x $1,876  = $5,628

5 lbs. of trim      x $296   = $1,480

8 plants             x $9      = $72____

$7,180 x .015 = $1,077 in retail marijuana excise tax due

Here is the official document:

CO early methodology for weight late 2013, or


8 thoughts on “Colorado converts percentage tax base to weight!”

  1. So, uh, let me see if I can wrap my head around this. Won’t this have the effect of encouraging low-weight, high-potency, high-THC products like hash oil and concentrates?

    And, mutatis mutandis, won’t this discourage the bulkier, less processed, more CBD-laden, and less potent cannabis plant matter?

  2. […] The $67 million was simply the sum of expectations for Colorado’s 15 percent wholesale tax ($27.5 million) and its 10 percent retail tax ($39.5 million).  The lower-rate retail brings in more revenue because its base is larger:  the retail price is higher than the wholesale price.  (In fact, the wholesale price base has been abandoned, and converted to a weight base:  62 cents a gram for flowers, and 10 cents a gram for trim.  But that’s another story.) […]

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