Colorado recreational and medical marijuana sales rise slowly? UPDATE

Sales of both recreational and medical marijuana inched up from April to May in Colorado, I THOUGHT.

Colorado marijuana sales                           Recreational                                 Medical
April $22,059,586 $31,718,207
May $22,142,207 $31,976,897

Those figures come simply from dividing the sales tax rate (2.9 percent) into officially reported (on highlighted links below) sales taxes received:

Colorado marijuana sales taxes                           Recreational                                 Medical
April $639,728 $919,828
May $642,124 $927,330

If those links disappear, this link (or url should work.  Sales of recreational marijuana were 40.914 percent of the total (recreational and medical) sales in May versus 41.020 percent in April.

Medical marijuana makes up the balance: 59.086 percent in May, up from 58.980 percent in April.

UPDATE:  There’s a discrepancy:

Looking at and trying to get the dollar amount of retail marijuana sold in May, I can come up with

a) $20,705,770, that is, $2,070,577 in 10 percent tax revenue collected divided by 10 percent


b) $22,142,207 that is, $642,124 in sales tax revenue collected  divided by 2.9 percent.

I’ve relied on the 2.9 percent sales tax collections before.  Maybe the sales tax number (2.9 percent) reflects sales of pipes, T-shirts, and what not.


One thought on “Colorado recreational and medical marijuana sales rise slowly? UPDATE”

  1. That is not all that impressive. I wonder if there are any additional budgetary benefits for the state such as saving on law enforcement and incarceration.

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