Unresolved tension could fracture and kill CA reform efforts

Here are excerpts from a May 13 article by David Downs in the East Bay CA Express that I pass along without necessarily agreeing:

California 2016 legalizers must chose between angering the medical marijuana community with new regulations, versus gaining mainstream voters — who want to see the pot trade “controlled.”

. . .

“Most experts agree that California has among the least structured systems of rules and regulations of any state with a medical marijuana law, meaning that for at least some users, a quasi-legal recreational market has existed for some time,” stated Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Commission’s March progress report.

. . .

For years, California’s legislature hasn’t been able to resolve the tension between the pot industry and cities and cops — let alone medical versus recreational legalizers. That unresolved tension could fracture and kill reform efforts in 2016, and lots of people stand to keep profiting from that.

Full article is also at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/LegalizationNation/archives/2015/05/13/oregon-medical-marijuana-battles-offers-lessons-for-california




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