Gieringer on tax collection

“A 20% tax at any one stage in the industry is more likely to invite evasion than the equivalent of a more modest 6+% tax at three different stages. In addition, a succession of taxation stages offers convenient checkpoints to monitor the market.”

That’s an excerpt from written testimony of CANORML’s Dale Gieringer to California’s Blue Ribbon Commission on legalization.




Author: patoglesby

From 1982 to 1990, I worked in tax policy for Committees of the United States Congress. In recent years, I was Adjunct Lecturer at UNC-Chapel Hill's Business School and then Adjunct Professor at its Law School.

1 thought on “Gieringer on tax collection”

  1. You then have to worry about compounding which will drive small businesses out of the business. A large integrated producer will pay only once.

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