Spokane cannabis workshop video

Intros, then questions and answers:  An hour and five minutes. Link here, or https://vimeo.com/130489985

This is part of the Workshop, https://aclu-wa.org/cannabis2015.  At the public marijuana subcommittee summit in Spokane, WA, June 11, with featured guests:

· Julio Calzada (Immediate Past Secretary General of the National Drugs Board of Uruguay)

· Lewis Koski (Director, Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Dept. of Revenue)
· Jack Reed (Statistical Analyst, Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Dept. of Revenue)
· Jay C. Butler, M.D. (Chief Medical Officer and Director, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services)
· Philip Wallach, Ph.D. (Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution)

and me, a last-minute draftee, third from left.  Council member Jon Snyder is at far left.

For family, friends, and tax fans: I introduce myself at 7’15”; I get into specifics at 25’30”, warning of taxes that are too high at first, and discussing collection point (I never did get back to 280E, which is addressed here or at https://newrevenue.org/2014/12/04/wa-fix-for-280e-problem/); I take a question on collection point at 42’00”, and one on “What would success look like?” at 59’30”.


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