Sharing the wealth from legalization

Lots of people would like to get licenses to grow cannabis.  If you wanted to avoid Big Marijuana and share the wealth from legality, you could hand out many licenses for small quantities rather than few licenses for large quantities.  The number 10,000 square feet of grow area came up unofficially on a trip to Humboldt County.  To spread the wealth widely, that could be a hard cap for everyone.

You’d need related party rules, so if Farmer Jones got to grow 10,000 square feet, Farmer Jones couldn’t create Jones Farm, Corporation, Inc., to grow another 10,000 square feet — and couldn’t be co-owner of another corporation with an allotment.  More here ( [Broken link.]

Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of attention, but this is a long way from socialism.  Socialism is public ownership of the means of production. Hard grower caps are public allocation of privileges of production.

This is not a new and fresh idea. Tobacco quotas did the same kind of thing, starting in the 1930s. — with cite to Anthony Badger’s Prosperity Road.

Lots of licensees make enforcement difficult.  That’s a trade-off.




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