CA better than OH 3

I would probably stop opposing Ohio Issue 3 if it had this kind of provision, from today’s new California initiative:

“Except as otherwise provided [in rules that make amendment easier], the provisions of the Act may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to further the purposes and intent of the Act.”

Two-thirds is a high bar, but standard in California.  Fair enough.  ReformCA passes the flexibility test; so does, for instance, the “Safe Communities, Parks, and Schools Act of 2016.”

Meanwhile, Responsible Ohio’s Issue 3 freezes the law too solidly, by requiring a Constitutional amendment to raise its primitive price-based taxes. No, thanks.  We don’t know how legalization will play out.  Freezing the law enshrines error.  Responsible Ohio locks up the money from marijuana legalization for its ten wealthy funders – and throws away the key.


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