Bundling fixes

In Vermont, a legislative “committee passed an amendment 4-3 that prohibits dispensaries from selling non-marijuana products in a bundle with marijuana. Sen. Michael Sirotkin, D-Chittenden, presented the amendment, saying he did not want dispensaries to sell $50 t-shirts that come with a handful of free joints.” The story is here.

That’s an easy way of addressing bundling – selling taxed goods with untaxed goods for one price. This problem doesn’t show up when you tax by weight, or THC — just when you tax by price.  California’s AUMA proposes another useful solution:

“(b) Except as otherwise provided by regulation, the tax levied under this section shall apply to the full price, if non-itemized, of any transaction involving both marijuana or marijuana products and any other otherwise distinct and identifiable goods or services, and the price of any goods or services, if a reduction in the price of marijuana or marijuana products is contingent on purchase of those goods or services.”



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