Transfer pricing at Duke


Transfer pricing at Duke for private sector and government people, with Professor Peter Barnes.  Half the class in this one-week international tax program was female.  I was delighted to sit in and to speak a little.  I don’t remember much from 20+ years ago, but transfer pricing still leaves a lot of money in tax havens — stateless income.

Program site:


Author: patoglesby

From 1982 to 1990, I worked in tax policy for Committees of the United States Congress. In recent years, I was Adjunct Lecturer at UNC-Chapel Hill's Business School and then Adjunct Professor at its Law School.

One thought on “Transfer pricing at Duke”

  1. Thanks, Pat. Half female is par for the course.

    Transfer pricing has the great weakness of always being so fact specific. On top of that it is a game played by the well informed and well armed. I remember playing the game for a few clients. It reminds me of valuation cases which are fact specific, especially those involving FLPs. Bill

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