5 marijuana intiatives this year

Here are tables looking at the 5 adult-use cannabis initiatives on November ballots:

Can Legislature amend November marijuana initiatives?
CA: for taxes, only with 2/3 of each House; some amendments need only simple majority
NV: only after 3 years
AZ: only with 3/4 of each House
ME: Yes
MA: Yes

If recreational ‪marijuana legalization passes, state tax on it will be:
CA: 22.5% + $9.25/oz.
NV: 21.85%
AZ: 20.6%
ME: 10%
MA: 10%

If RECREATIONAL legalization passes, state tax on MEDICAL ‪marijuana will be:
CA: 15% + $9.25/oz. for bud
NV: 6.85%
AZ: 5.6%
ME: 5.5%
MA: 0


And some history:

For ‪marijuana initiatives, strongest state taxes correlate with victory

OR 2014

OR 2012
CA 2010

Explanations: https://newrevenue.org/2016/10/06/4951/, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/pat-oglesby/marijuana-taxes-on-2016-b_b_12487528.html






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