Medical marijuana tax breaks in 5 ballot measures

Five states have ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana this November. Once fully effective, they all give a tax break to medical marijuana. Here are details:

State tax on recreational marijuana, if initiatives pass:
CA: 22.5% + $0.33/gram
NV: 21.85%
AZ: 20.6%
MA: 10%
ME: 10%

State tax on medical marijuana, if initiatives pass:
CA: 15% + $0.33/gram
NV: 6.85%
AZ: 5.6%
ME: 5.5%
MA: 0%

Leaky? Medical marijuana tax as % of recreational tax, if initiatives pass:
MA: 0
AZ: 27%
NV: 31%
ME: 55%
CA: > 67%

Leaky? Extra tax recreational marijuana users pay over medical, as % of price, if initiatives pass:
AZ: 15%
NV: 15%
MA: 10%
CA: 7.5%
ME: 4.5%

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