Trump Shouldn’t Fall for Repatriation Amnesty

Full text is now at

Here’s a new piece on Repatriation Tax Amnesty Windfall:

The publisher wants me to induce clicks, but here are rejected titles and the intro: 

How Trump Gets Jobs without Paying Tax Ransom
How Corporate America Demands $500 Billion Ransom to Create Jobs


President Trump wants to create jobs.  Global corporations want to trick him into giving them a tax cut.  They are holding $2.5 trillion untaxed offshore.  They’ll bring those trillions home and create jobs, they say.  But first, America must give them a $500 billion tax windfall.  No tax break, no jobs.  The President should have three problems with this Repatriation Tax Amnesty:

It doesn’t work.
It mocks his base.
It rewards his enemies.

There is an easier way to “make American great again.”  President Trump can make companies pay the tax without a tax cut, and then watch them bring the money home.


After 7 years of studying taxation of cannabis, I’m repeating myself a lot. So I’m taking a sabbatical, back to my earlier field of international tax.


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