Provoking a marijuana audience?

I get to talk for an hour on marijuana revenue at the National Cannabis Summit in Denver on August 30 at 9 a.m. The sponsors write me: “Speakers are evaluated on several criteria, including audience engagement, and the results are posted online after the conference as part of our speaker ‘Zagat’s’ guide.”

OK then. I’ll try to be provocative, and hope for pushback (engagement) with statements like these:

  • Cannabis revenue design should be a public policy issue; government revenue should be an afterthought.
  • The optimal rate of crime is greater than zero. That includes black market crime of untaxed marijuana sales.
  • Taxing marijuana only by price is untenable in the long run, and the Tax Foundation is simply wrong.
  • Government monopoly is the safest way to distribute cannabis.
  • Marijuana advertising should remain non-tax-deductible.
  • Taxing bud or flower by THC is not realistic.
  • Medical marijuana should not be tax exempt.

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