More on “Wispy” in Alaska

Tax Regulators in Alaska are considering cutting the $50 an ounce tax on marijuana bud or “flower” to $25 for “immature flower” that appears “loose” or “wispy.”  Earlier post is at

That seems like a nearly impossible line to draw — a huge judgment call.  But how about putting the decisions on the internet? Each low-taxed item would be photographed and uploaded.  The public could judge if government is overreaching, or yielding to taxpayer pressure.

Here’s another fallback:  Are wispy buds less appealing to smokers, and so destined for concentration?

If so, it seems to me that Alaska could tax them by THC content – separating them out for taxation until after concentration and measurement of THC.

I don’t think THC measurement is ready for taxation, but you could do what we in the RAND-Vermont report suggested:  Take the seller’s word for it.  Consumers tend to want product labeled as high-THC, so the seller who cheats (by finding a cooperative tester who give a low number) risks losing customers.



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