Washington State studies cannabis potency tax

Here is the outline of a report the Liquor and Cannabis Board sought bids for.  I think the outline is insightful.  It’s a public record, I’m sure.

this part is the most interesting to me:


  1. Regulatory options & challenges
    1. Tax by milligram of THC (per research)
      1. Complexity in converting % THC into milligram units in traceability/pos systems – large rule required.
    2. Tax by product type
      1. Still requires traceability changes, but not conversion
      2. Would have to establish relative potencies of product types
      3. Third major option –This should not be indented: Establish tax brackets based on potency ranges
        1. Requires traceability change
        2. Would have to establish tiers or brackets of potencies (on what basis? Health? Research not available to create multiple tiers or brackets).

K1325 – Attachment B Proposed Report Outline is more legible

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