Veterinary marijuana

The hardest issue around marijuana taxation is medical.  I stipulated in my first article, in 2011, that cannabis has medical uses.  But how to decide who is using medically?  I’m speaking Friday at a conference of mostly economists, the National Tax Association, in Tampa.  I don’t expect much help in answering the medical vs. recreational question.

Here’s a story, from California activist Brett Stone, about veterinary use for his dog Walley:

“I had to go to a legal dispensary here in LA today to get some more of the CBD/THC tincture that I give Walley to comfort him and help alleviate his pain as he goes through this intestinal cancer he has and was again shocked at the amount I had to pay in taxes. After first time customer and over 55 old discounts (25% total) the subtotal was $58.25 but after the 34% in ridiculous taxes we pay here in LA it came to $80.66 out the door. See the attached receipt with all the tax breakdowns.

“The tincture has worked wonders for Walley. He’s so comfortable and for a few hours a day I get to see the Walley of old, tail wagging and just happy to be Walley. The brand Walley uses is called “My Best Bud” and their website is  and Walley is taking the 4-1 ratio formula of CBD to THC if you want more information on the product. I give him .25 ML twice a day for .5 ML total per day, or 4 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC total per day. Walley’s vet said it was ok to increase the dosage if he needed it but so far it’s working quite well and better than even I had expected and unless he takes a sudden turn for the worse should still be here to celebrate his 10th birthday on December 27th. Not bad for a dog that the vet at first didn’t think would make it until now.”



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