Center for New Revenue isn’t enthused by the MORE marijuana legalization bill


{Update 4 September 2020: Instead of “Center for New Revenue opposes MORE marijuana legalization bill.” I’m thinking of toning this down to “does not support.” This bill is a political stunt; it doesn’t matter.]

Only in 2015, with Responsible Ohio and its blatant greed, has the Center for New Revenue opposed a marijuana legalization measure.  

With a bias toward small business and sharing power if not wealth, the Center opposes H.R. 3884, the MORE Act:

1.  It repeals 280E, perhaps the most useful marijuana tax model of all.

2.  It imposes only a primitive ad valorem tax, which will quickly fade.

The Center does not oppose the STATES Act, despite both those objections, because only the MORE Act opens up marijuana to interstate commerce.  This will bring a quick end to experimentation with regulatory models, which we desperately need.  We still don’t agree even on how to tax – y mucho, mucho mas.

Bring on the STATES Act.  Or fix the taxes.  Or wait ‘til next year.  


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