MORE Act revenue compared to state marijuana revenue

States with marijuana markets were collecting about $43 per man, woman, and child in marijuana excise taxes a couple of years ago.  Since then, that number has gone up.

The comparable number for the federal MORE Act, legalizing marijuana,is $2.15.

is CBO says the federal MORE Act, legalizing marijuana, would reduce the budget deficit by $1.258 billion in its most productive year, fiscal 2030.  Total tax increases amount to $2.256 billion (an ad valorem excise tax would collect $.762 billion; other revenues not from marijuana excises  – from income taxes, FICA, and the like, would go up $1.494 billion).  Spending, mainly on marijuana-related trust funds, would go up by $.998 billion.

So with a projected U.S. population of 355,100,000 in 2030, the gross tax increases are $6.35 per capita, and the deficit help is $3.54 per capita. The excise tax is $2.15.

Are there reiiable state revenue numbers for the increase in revenues not frommarijuana excise taxes?


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