Picking marijuana licensees

Who can sell marijuana once it’s legalized? States have different ways of deciding. https://newrevenue.org/2020/09/23/who-gets-marijuana-licenses/. When states pick winners on the merits, here are some of the things disappointed license applicants do when government authorities pick others to sell marijuana, to the tune of Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women:

They’ll tell you that your process wasn’t fair.
They’ll say you didn’t take the proper care.
They’ll sue you over some small technicality.
They’ll sue you saying you showed partiality.
They’ll sue and say your interests conflict.
They’ll say the rules you’re writing are too strict.
They’ll say you didn’t hear their story straight.
They’ll sue and then the judge will make you wait.
They’ll tell you that you gave them a raw deal.
They’ll sue you.  If they lose, they will appeal.

So look ahead and try to think it through.
Lots of people want to sue.


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