Tax Analysts can take a joke

Here’s what I emailed my editors at Tax Analysts at 12:01 this morning, with the title, “Possible article — marijuana taxes — Last minute change?”:

I greatly appreciate your working with me, but upon reflection and consultation, I must ask you to change my piece slated for the April 4 issue.

Your otherwise impeccable editing somehow co-existed with the elimination of a controversial word, Bastard, which the editing process expurgated, leaving footnote 10 to start this way.

Oglesby, “280E Is a [Expletive]. So What?” Center for New Revenue, Apr. 15, 2021.

This is censorship!  See details below.








April Fool!  If anyone can be straight-laced, Tax Analysts can and should be.  In fact, I was delighted with your change all along.  It might send some people to

So all is well!

Thanks for everything!

Here’s their response:

Ha! lol!!!!! Pat, you really had us! I did break out in a cold sweat as we’ve already gone to press, I’ll admit it!

Thank you for the great laugh! Always a joy to work with you.

Stay safe and be well!

Warm regards,


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