A challenge for Democrats

My friend and fellow Democrat Thomas Mills predicts:

“I . . . think the legislature will pass some form of medical marijuana bill. The momentum is moving too quickly in favor of legalization. With Virginia heading that way in 2024 and maybe sooner, North Carolina stands to lose millions of dollars in tax revenue if they keep prohibition in place. Enough states have legalized it without seeing any devastating consequences to move forward and I think that will happen this year.”  https://www.politicsnc.com/maybe-im-wrong/

Medical in 2023?

Who gets the money (and first dibs on the recreational money)?  If lobbying works, SB711 aims to give licenses to outfits funded by Florida giant Trulieve and by Russian-funded Curaleaf.

We can do better.  If Democrats can’t figure out how to share this not-even-in-existence wealth, count on us for something other than equity.


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