Medical marijuana growing licenses in North Carolina 

Both Republican majority and Democratic minority votes will be needed to pass medical marijuana in North Carolina.  Three medical marijuana grow licensing models from Republican-controlled states are available.

Florida:  Oligopoly requires government choosing a small number of well-capitalized sellers “on the merits”; requires vertical seed-to-sale integration; does not restrict cross-ownership.  Senate Bill 3 follows this model, with 10 sellers.

Oklahoma/Mississippi:  All comers get licenses.  Oklahoma fee is $2,500 per license (currently under moratorium); Mississippi fees vary by size of operation.  Amid excess, Oklahoma voters defeated extension of its program to recreational in a landslide on March 7.

Louisiana:  Sole growing licensees are land grant Louisiana State University and (Historically Black) Southern University, analogous to State and A&T.  They contract out some work.


Other models for sharing the cannabis windfall exist.

CaliforniaMassachusetts, New York, and other states:  Some “social equity licenses” are issued to benefit casualties of the War on Drugs.  No program has succeeded yet.

Illinois and other states: A lottery among applicants who are deemed qualified is followed by litigation by applicants deemed unqualified.

Alaska: The Permanent Oil Dividend Fund gives each resident an equal check each year. But in Post-Soviet Russia, voucher privatization of assets failed because of permanent rather than annual privatization.

Patrick Oglesby, 919 619 8838,, NC Bar #7944;
Center for New Revenue,;
1830 North Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill NC 27514.


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