IRS impostor “Shirley Carter” calls on the phone

I got a call from 202 769 5226 (a DC number) from a woman who said her name was Shirley Carter of the IRS. Her accent was foreign. She furnished me Badge number 1090885.

There was a problem with my returns between 2008 and 2013, she said. (Note: The statute of limitations has run on some of those years.)  “Why haven’t I seen anything in the mail?” I asked. You must have misplaced it, she told me.

I asked her to remail the material. She hung up.  And hasn’t called back.

A call to that number yields only hold music.

The IRS does not call out of the blue.

Googling that number, I see this:

“I had a call from an IRS agent who said her name was Shirley Carter and she gave a badge number of 1090885. She said after a standard 5-year audit, the IRS had sent me a letter in January saying I owed Taxes. If I received it I don’t remember it. She said that they were filing papers to have me arrested for defrauding the government on reported income and deductions. Since I only took the standard during the two years she stated I didn’t give her any more information and told her I would call her back after I had a chance to review my tax returns. I am not calling her back.”

And this:

“Got a message from 202-769-5226 saying that they were from the IRS and they were going to sue me, which the IRS doesn’t do, and to call them back on 509-588-7570. After looking up both numbers I found that they both are scam numbers and reported them to the IRS at this site:…m_ok.shtml. Hopefully you and future people will do the same.”

UPDATE:  Brett Stone adds:

The IRS has a warning about this scam on their website @


2 thoughts on “IRS impostor “Shirley Carter” calls on the phone”

  1. About 15 months ago I received a notice (legit) from the IRS that they were in receipt of my application to be an enrolled agent. I had never made such an application. I contacted the fraud bureau and they had me file a special form. I have since received from the IRS (legit) a special number that I am to use this year in addition to my SS# to protect against fraud. Obviously there are a good many people out there with larceny in their hearts.

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