County tax irritates cities

Allen St. Pierre, head of NORML, writes:

Perversely, this is too cool!

State vs. Counties vs. Municipalities…over taxing legal cannabis commerce.

As predicted many moons ago, once government goes from wasting taxpayer dollars propagandizing against cannabis to scrambling to ‘get their fair share’ of taxes derived from cannabis commerce, public advocates’ reform efforts will be largely half completed!


The story he cites is:

3 cities sue Adams County over recreational pot taxes

DENVER (AP) – Three suburban Denver cities are suing Adams County to stop it from collecting taxes from recreational marijuana businesses already being taxed by the cities and the state.

The lawsuit filed this week argues Adams County shouldn’t get tax revenue because it doesn’t have a regulatory system for recreational pot sales like the cities.

Filing the lawsuit are Aurora, Commerce City, and Northglenn.


. . .


Adams County voters last year approved an additional 3 percent tax that will start July 1. County officials say they’re simply honoring voters’ wishes.


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