BRC in Fresno

Video has disappeared from the internet. Sorry! Here’s a link to just the introduction, without my tax talk.

Here is the video (the one at the bottom). For the tax part, I come in a little after the 28’30” minute mark. Rob MacCoun of Stanford Law is about 5 minutes before me. Q&A after I finish.  Lieutenant Governor Newsom does a good job throughout, I would say.  The answer part of the brief Q&A on the tax part starts at about 36’44”.  There’s more Q&A at 1’04″30. (the last video).

Here are early notes, which I did not follow exactly:

It won’t be easy to tax this weed.

  1. The level of tax

Some say zero – tomato vs. cash cow

Tail dog — youth v Black market:

Colorado and Washington MMC

Plant – pretax prices will come down.

  1. Loopholes. 99 holes

If it pays to cheat . . .

Medical — Colorado chumps and tourists

Means test

Relying on Price slippery:

$2 trillion

Free pot with purchase, employee discount

Tax evaporates


Collecting tax early solves shoplift, truck that goes missing.

  1. Problems, but good news

Black market prices will stay high if enforcement works.

Law enforcement vs. consumers freedom-loving rebels.

High moral ground; juries may agree

Nothing to rebel against

Need a law where cheating doesn’t pay. Enforcement.

1933 quadrupled.

Main point flexibility – not overnight


More honest than what you’ve got


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