Marijuana tax chart and slides

Slides are at Generic weed ALCOHOL FIRST tax slides 4 December 2019-4

Here is chart:

Center for New Revenue

Pat Oglesby,, 4 December 2019


Recreational FLOWER Excise Taxes STATUTORY Pre-Retail ACTUAL Pre-Retail % OR /gram Retail
Canada (ex Manitoba) Greater of 10% or $1/gram Greater of 10% or $1 Provinces vary
Alaska $50/oz. $1.76 0
California $9.25/oz. indexed; now $9.65/oz. $0.34 15% X (Wholesale price + 80%)
Colorado 15% $0.33 15%
Illinois 7% 7% 10% target
Maine $335/pound $0.74 10%
Massachusetts 0 13.75%
Michigan 0 10%
Oregon 0 20%
Nevada 15% $0.76 10%
Washington 0 37%


All states taxing weight have categories taxed lower than flower (bud) — like trim (leaves, shake).  Most recreational states impose standard retail sales (non-excise) taxes, too, if they have them; e.g., Massachusetts’s total retail tax goes from 13.75% to 20%.  Colorado and Nevada adjust weight taxes periodically to tax 15% of recent market prices.  California indexes its weight tax for inflation.  California and Colorado use actual price in certain non-related party sales.  Canada taxes some products by THC content.


Taxes on medical range from zero to 100% of the recreational rate.


More at;  Corrections: po@newrevenue.orgor 919 619 8838.  Updates and more info at  More background on cannabis revenue at (Chapters 4 and 5 and Appendix B).






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