Cannabis info assembled

The ACLU of Washington State and the Washington (D.C.) Office on Latin America have assembled a fantastic set of reference materials on evaluation of cannabis legalization policies.  Click here or go to, which leads to a reference materials and a five-page reading list.

The reading list is reachable directly here or at


Gvt cannabis store!

At right is Don Stevens, Mayor of the first jurisdiction ever to set up a cannabis store — North Bonneville, WA.

photo june 2015

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ITEP on medical loophole

ITEP report — if medical cannabis gets a tax break:  “If the standard for doctors recommending marijuana in a given state is not restrictive, then a huge part of the recreational marijuana tax base could disappear as individuals are incentivized to falsely claim a medical need to get the discount.”  Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 2015,  ITEP is described by the right-wing Carolina Journal as a “left-wing research institution.”

Means testing for the tax break would reduce the problem, but not solve it.  Another option is to tax everyone equally and let the spending side of government, like a Public Health agency, take care of needy patients.

Lampach statement on testing

Here is the statement of David Lampach, CEO of Steep Hill, to the California Blue Ribbon Commission on marijuana legalization.

A key sentence from his statement is:

From my experience, the foundation of a well regulated and consumer oriented cannabis marketplace must include these three principles:  “individual responsibility”, “transparency”, and “accountability”.

Full statement pasted below.  More legible pdf is at DLBlueRibbonCommTestimony6-3-15. Continue reading Lampach statement on testing

County tax irritates cities

Allen St. Pierre, head of NORML, writes:

Perversely, this is too cool!

State vs. Counties vs. Municipalities…over taxing legal cannabis commerce.

As predicted many moons ago, once government goes from wasting taxpayer dollars propagandizing against cannabis to scrambling to ‘get their fair share’ of taxes derived from cannabis commerce, public advocates’ reform efforts will be largely half completed! Continue reading County tax irritates cities

An analyst, not an advocate

I try to be a student of taxes, and have been studying taxes on cannabis.  I post material that I think relevant to taxation of cannabis, and what do you know?  Just about everything I come across that looks into the technicalities of that field comes from supporters of legalization.  Opponents of legalization aren’t paying attention to those technicalities, I suppose.  They are stuck in Just Say No mode, maybe.  I don’t think that will work out very well for them.

Next up, a posting from Allen St. Pierre.