State plans to grow marijuana

[Update, 10 December 2016:  For libertarians, government sales are anathema. For liberals, nullification of federal law by a state or locality has a history of association with racism and even slavery.]

News from The Advertiser in Louisiana:

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana State University and Southern University are set to become the state’s biggest growers of marijuana – and they are looking for private investors to underwrite the project.

A forum at Bo Campbell Auditorium near the LSU AgCenter provided a chance for potential private investors and contractors to hear about the production facility the schools will roll out in the coming months. And hundreds of interested parties listened intently Friday.

“Only two things could have turned out a crowd like the one we see here today,” said Bill Richardson, vice president of Agriculture at LSU  “One is the announcement of the new football coach, the other is the topic we have at hand.”


The notion that states and localities “can’t” violate the CSA seems to be becoming obsolete.

North Bonneville, Washington, has been retailing cannabis without a federal peep since March 2015. Here’s Joel Warner’s story:

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