How high should marijuana revenue be?

Marijuana revenue depends on a value judgment:  What tax burden is appropriate?  

Some of my friends would tax marijuana like milk, on principle.  Some would exempt it, and subsidize it.  Some would tax the heck out of it.  Others would try to raise only enough to match current drug harm costs; others would add revenue for Victims of the Drug War.  Let the philosophers and the interest groups sort that out.    

That’s a draft. Comments welcomed.


Cannabis weight-based tax in grams (local currency)

Cannabis weight-based tax in grams (local currency)
Bud/flower$1.76 $0.34 $0.33 $0.74 $0.71 $1 
Leaves/trim$0.53 $0.10 $0.10 $0.21 $0.17 $0.25 
Fresh/Wet whole plant$0.05 $0.06  $0.09  
Small bud (NV); Abnormal & immature bud (AK)$0.88    $0.56  
Bud for extraction $0.20  $0.18  
Trim for extraction  $0.07  $0.17  
Alaska has no retail ad valorem tax; all the other states do. Canada has an alternative minimum tax. This updates the previous post, showing statutory rates as adjusted.

Marijuana weight taxes in the world today

Fresh/Wet whole plant$1.35/oz.$26.4/lb.$41.25/lb.
Small bud (NV); Abnormal & immature bud (AK)$25/oz.$254.4/lb.
Bud for extraction$89.85/lb.$82.65/lb.
Trim for extraction$30.3/lb.$76.65/lb.
States other than Alaska have retail taxes, too. Canada has an alternative minimum tax of 10%, but taxes concentrated products at one cent per milligram of THC.

For citations to state authorities, and

I’m hoping a Research Assistant will materialize to convert rates to gram equivalents.