Colorado’s Latest Per-Gram Tax Rates

Colorado de facto taxes cannabis bud now at 27 cents a gram, trim at 14 cents a gram, wet whole plants at 5 cents a gram, bud for extraction at 8 cents a gram, and trim for extraction at 6 cents a gram. Those rates apply to vertically integrated operations and related party transactions, where an actual arm’s-length transaction does not happen.

Those tax rates are 15 percent of the “Average Market Rate,” updated from time to time at

Period Rate: April.1 to June 30, 2019

Retail Bud Rate $806 per pound
Retail Trim Rate $425 per pound
Retail Immature Plant Rate $4 per plant
Wet Whole Plant Rate $151 per pound
Seed Rate $5 per seed
Trim Allocated for Extraction Rate $177 per pound
Bud Allocated for Extraction Rate $227 per pound

Here’s the math:  multiply by .15 and divide by 453+, the number of grams in a pound:

806 425 151 177 227
0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15
120.9 63.75 22.65 26.55 34.05
453.592 453.592 453.592 453.592 453.592
0.266539092 0.140544807 0.049934743 0.058532778 0.075067462

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