Marijuana and taxes

Marijuana thinking:

Let’s stop arresting people.

If you stop arresting people and make possession legal, commerce is sure to follow.  (Maybe illegal commerce, as in New York these days.)  Not everyone can grow at home.

Once there’s commerce, the population insists on taxation or revenue (in every jurisdiction so far, they have).

The 280E selling expense tax may be the best tax we can hope for.

It’s overbroad, for sure, but it hits advertising and marketing.

1.  Advertising and marketing appeal to kids – and irritate their parents Consumers don’t need the ads or glitz – or the celebrity endorsements.  The 280E Selling Expense Tax makes those kinds of thing non-tax-deductible. 

2.  Big Business advertises more than small business.  Mom & Pop – and social equity licensees – use word of mouth, not marketing budgets.


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